building a home

If you are considering building your own home we offer a full range of services, working with you to realise your dream from its very inception to completion. The level of our service can be as little or as much as you require, helping you get the best possible value, without compromising the quality and design of your new home.

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Finding a building plot

Assistance and advice locating a suitable building plot based upon your search criteria. We can carry out site investigations, surveys and searches. 

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Building Regulations

We can provide professional advice, prepare and submit building regulation applications and complete SAP calculations. We would produce a comprehensive set of drawings and documents and obtain prices from builders for your consideration. 

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Exploring the viability of the site in respect of your intentions. We can provide an analysis to determine whether the site meets your needs and expectation in respect of site constraints, method of construction, lifetime costs and sustainability. 

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Project Management

We have the skills to manage the construction process on your behalf; producing construction programmes, schedules of work and administering the contract on your behalf until final completion. We can also provide an aftercare service ensuring all defects and outstanding works are completed by the builder to your satisfaction. 

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Sketch Proposals

Sketch scheme designs to your specification; bringing together all your requirements and ideas. We can produce images which bring to life your concept and ideas in order that you can visualise both the interior and exterior space and form of the overall building design, to ensure it works for you. 

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builda homeplanning


We can carry out initial consultations with planners, provide planning advice and submit outline or full planning applications.